Sleepy Hollow

R2 France

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Babs disse...

Oh I've been looking for this one for aaaaages... It's simply beautiful! Congrats, it's a gem! :)

Dário Ribeiro disse...

I love the film and the edition! I've been lucky, a friend find it in France, and buy it/sold for me.

Keep trying, don't give up. Good luck! ;)

Babs disse...

Oh yes, Burton & Depp combo can't go wrong :)

Thanks, Dario, really, I will. I don't give up that easily :)

PS - would it be OK to add your (jaw-dropping!) collection to the links on my blog? :)

Dário Ribeiro disse...

Of course you can add. Thanks.

And please give me the link to your collection, so I can add yours too. ;)

Babs disse...

Great, thanks! ;)

Mine's - thank you very much :)

Dário Ribeiro disse...

Thank you! ;)