La Piovra: Seasons 1 - 4

R2 Portugal

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eda-88 disse...

Hi, can i ask?

How in your DVD they says & translates The PUPARO (caudillo viejo of Mafia) ??

How in the DVD subtitles says this his name??

eda-88 disse...

Thanks in advance for the answer!

Dário Ribeiro disse...

Hi, ask anytime! ;0)

Well, honestly, in this moment, I can't remember how it's translated. I must watch the series again...

In this (portuguese) edition there's only original italian audio and portuguese subtitles (we usually translate with the original names).

Sorry can't help more right now.

eda-88 disse...

Maybe you could just re-watching some moments with subtitles (4th season) ... and then told me how subtitles says his name (this old leader of Mafia) italian nickname as "Il Puparo"...
Interesting how it was in Portuguese?

Don't be hurry...
Just when you find the time, it would be great, thanks!

Best wishes!

Anónimo disse...

I'm currently watching the 5th season of La Piovra and up until now I always thought "Il Puparo" meant "The Puppeteer" (manipulator of puppets), as it seems logical that the character, being the head of the infamous Kupola organization, controlled everyone like puppets. It also reminds me of the puppeteer hand in the "Godfather" symbol.
Hope this was useful.

italia57 disse...

Hello, Dário Ribeiro!

I have just one request for you:
Could you please make some screenshots from DVD discs of Season 2 and 4?

I want to know the video quality of this Portugese release.

Thanks in advance!

José disse...

Hello to everyone.
Please where I can find that collection? I can`t find that to buy.
And I can`t find to download, emule, torrent.
Any help?
Thank you.